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Classes, Courses & Mentorship

Kelly's Holistic Healing Arts
Kelly's Holistic Healing Arts

Virginia Keely Ms. L. Ac. was an Art Therapy teacher at the NJ Institute for Psychoanalysis, NJ. (2019), and professional development provider for the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, US. (2018)

Now she's committed to bring her knowledge and expertise to everyone, so she's developing online holistic training, so you can start with your Healing Education today.

One on one Classes: Reiki I & II on an ongoing basis for initiates and healers alike. 

Mentorship: aims to supervise and support New Healers with the pitfalls and hurdles of starting a Healing Practice.

Online Course

Energy Healing made Simple!
for Laypeople, Pet Owners & Moms $27

Kelly's Holistic Healing Arts

Welcome to your initiation in the world of Healing!

Learn what all Healing Modalities have in common and apply that knowledge to start your Healing Journey.

This video crash course offers a 3 step method to tap into your Healing potential so you can make subtle changes in your energy field to help you achieve Homeostasis.

Learn how to use ancient tools, that have been simple, yet effective and risk free.


Learn how to apply your healing abilities to loved ones, kids and pets.

Classes & Mentorship

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