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Art & Ashes

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Commission Paintings with Cremation Ashes

Honoring passed pets & loved ones

by Turning Memories into Art

Painting with the departed pets or humans' ashes is rather a controversial form of art, while utilizing cremains in art is not new, painting with cremated remains is a relatively recent form of art.

But while critics want to talk about the ashes, the artists want to talk about the Art.


On a spiritual note, when we transition, and our spirit outgrows our body, this is designed by the creator to decay and transmute naturally into new life.


As humans we have transitioned from natural ways into the human ways, as a form of honoring the memory our loved ones, yet, many still doubt what to do with cremation ashes.

Art, in all its healing power, is a transcendental way of immortalizing the soul of your pet or loved one.

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