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Pottery Workshop


aroma eco-tools
hand made . one of a kind . natural . ecologic . Therapeutic
~ clay diffusers 
~car air fresheners
~mosquito repellents


Common Aromatic products don't have to disclose their full formula and tend to use chemicals that are hormone disruptors and harmful to pets. 


The best way to diffuse Essential Oils is with a non-heat diffuser, as heat downgrades the quality of EOs. 

Not all Essential Oils are equal, and some are often overdosed by applying pure on the skin, causing liver toxicity. 

Clay is a natural resource and due to its porous characteristic, absorbs the Essential Oils fast and release their compounds slowly, it doesn't need to be heated, nor plugged, making it the best ecologic alternative.


* Each Eco-tool comes with an essential oil. Sets starting at $20. To inquire about Aroma eco-Tools, contact Us at 718.207.0438 *

art workshop

Sip & Paint!


Collaboration with

 Sandy Mones Pottery Studios


503 Garfield Ave Suite G05 

Jersey City, NJ 07305

*Inquire about Private Parties*

$60 w/ Materials each.

(Min. 4 people)





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