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Our perception of color is our brains interpretation of light wavelengths.

When the sunlight hits the gases and particles in the atmosphere, light waves scatter in all directions.

Blue waves are the shortest of the visible spectrum, so they scatter more.

So Color is Energy!

As Kandinsky said: “Color provokes a psychic vibration... which acts on every part of the human body.”
Several ancient cultures, from the Egyptians to the Chinese, practiced chromotherapy (Healing with Color) 

Chromotherapy is sometimes referred to as Light Therapy and is used as a Holistic or Alternative Healing.

The frequency of Color is up to 42 octaves from the frequency of Sound.

So all that we hear and see, is energy!

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ART Yoga Line

mats & yoga apparel

Kelly's Holistic Healing Arts

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commission Painting with cremation ashes

Honoring passed loved ones by Turning

Memories into Art

Painting with human ashes is a rather controversial form of art, while utilizing human remains in art is not new, using cremated remains is a relatively recent art form.

But while critics want to talk about the ashes, the artists want to talk about the Art.

On a personal note, (and based on my belief system), when we transition, and our spirit outgrows our body, this is designed by the creator to decay in order to transform into new life forms.

As humans have transitioned from the natural ways into human-made ways as a form of honoring the memory of loved ones, many still doubt what to do the cremains.

Art, in all its healing power, is a transcendental way of immortalizing the soul of your loved one. 

Kelly's Holistic Healing Arts

aroma eco-tools

hand made . one of a kind . natural . ecologic


~ Aromatherapy diffusers 
~car air fresheners
~mosquito repellents


Common Aromatic products don't have to disclose their full formula and tend to use chemicals that are hormone disruptors and harmful to pets. 


The best way to diffuse Essential Oils is with a non-heat diffuser, as heat downgrades the quality of EOs. 

Not all Essential Oils are equal, and some are often overdosed by applying pure on the skin, causing liver toxicity. 

Clay is a natural resource and due to its porous characteristic, absorbs the Essential Oils fast and release their compounds slowly, it doesn't need to be heated, nor plugged, making it the best ecologic alternative.


* Each Eco-tool comes with an essential oil. Sets starting at $20. To enquire about Aroma eco-Tools, contact us.

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