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Kelly's Holistic Healing Arts
Kelly's Holistic Healing Arts


All my life I've been searching for a Holistic Healer versed in Body-Mind-Spirit Medicine, the way Ancient, Indigenous, Tribal and Eastern Cultures have produced in the distant past. But in today's world, with so much information Especially in the Western World of Specialization, the Holistic ways has been lost.

Even in the upcoming field of Holistic Health, practitioners had been confronted with the dichotomy of Science versus Spirituality, having to choose from being "professionals" vs. "gifted", but the Quantum Science field had come to the rescue, revealing reality and life to be a lot more magical that our limited senses dare to reveal.

We live in a fast paced culture of "pill popping and quick fixes", giving gravitace to the left brain hemisphere and thus, we get disconnected of our divine source, that six sense that holds the whole and bigger picture. 

In my endless search I had come across magnificent Healers, Therapists, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Homeopaths, Astrologers and beyond, but in doing so, I had to maintain an array of practitioners, professionals and gifted ones, that resulted in wonderful healing as well as a time consuming, pricey life time dedication and formation.

In the process of searching I had worked towards becoming that which I was searching for, having gone through extensive and expensive training, I immersed myself in the Holistic Arts of Healing, and the Healing effects of Art: from Eastern Medicine, to Western Psychology, to the studies of Mysticism and beyond... Along with an artistic nature, a natural born intuition, and an empathic clari-sentinent nature which grows stronger as I delve in the realms of the unknown, my path has become an ever evolving work in progress of endless Wisdom, Art and Healing: Body * Mind * Spirit!

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