One hour online or onsite reading.


Tarot readings use the traditional Tarot deks with major and minor arcana and their archetypes and symbolism, which taps into the uncounscious mind, which is where our divine guidance resides, bypassing the defenses and limitations of the counscious mind and the ego.


Astro- Cards, aka Destiny Cards or Cards of Truth is an ancient, complex system of divination based on the traditional playing cards and their corresponding correlations to the yearly almanac.


I call them Astro-Cards as they use the astrological planets and luminaries to make preditions. Usually known as Destiny Cards since their relationship with Astrology implies an elemant of fate. They are also called Cards of Truth, as the destiny/ fate elemnt represents the truth of the matter at hand. 


Astro-cards are based on your birthday, but unlike astrology, we don't need your birth time and location to have an accurate reading.

Tarot Reading & Astro-Cards (aka Destiny cards)