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Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing Session

The indigenous characteristic of shamanic healing is its usage of the most commonly found elements in the natural world, which act as energies containing consciousness in the seen and/ or unseen worlds. By observing and implementing the qualities of the four elements, plants, minerals, and animals, shamans can determine ways of establishing the root causes of imbalance and devise ways to heal them.


Includes one or more of the following:


  • Candle Reading: is both a diagnostic and a treatment tool for negative energy removal. Candle Reading is an ancient pre-Inca diagnostic technique widely used to this day by Shamans of the Andes. The technique represents the fact that each person has an invisible energy body surrounding his physical body that contains emotions, traumas, and ancestral information. This energy orb is shielded by an electromagnetic film that spreads from two centers, above the head and below the feet in all directions. All states of dis-ease are caused as the result of negative energies penetrating that energy field and then into the physical bodies of a person, resulting in emotional and physical imbalance.

  • Egg Reading: is both a diagnostic and a treatment tool. Egg healing is an old practice used for millennia by healers, grandmothers, and mothers alike on every continent. It is fast and is a very effective method to remove uneasiness, bad luck, curses, and envy. It helps us to return the client into peacefulness, harmony, and balance. All life begins with an egg; it contains the essence of life and promises a new life within it, which is the shaman’s intent. The egg is also a representation of the universal life structure, the Cosmic Egg. Every cell of our body has a nucleus, plasma, and a protective membrane. Eggs are the biggest single living cells in nature. The egg we use absorb the negative energies infiltrated that sphere and our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

  • Cord Cutting: most of us can be emotionally influenced by guilt, shame, fear, or abuse. Most times, by people who are the closest to us. That harmful energy is attached by unseen cords, blocking energy that causes unexplained depression, anger, resentment, sadness, dependency, and illnesses. These ceremonies can be done for the living, or the deceased, and even past lives. When we sever those ties, they lose their power over us, and we can be free. Otherwise, we can behave against our will, and they can "pull our strings." Those cords may have fulfilled a purpose when we were younger and dependent, but they don’t serve us when we grow, and they don’t serve those they are attached to. This is not to say that you are eliminating the relationship; it means that you free the emotional baggage as you help others grow too.


Session: 45 minutes