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Mentorship for New Healers

Mentorship for New Healers




  • Are you seeking support with cultivating your abilities and your inner healer?

  • Are you struggling with your value, imposter syndrome and trusting your intuition?

  • Do you feel that you still need to deepen your own personal practices before you can start professionally or you need mentorship while you do?

  • Do you want to serve a clients but you feel that you still have fill some gaps?


Here are some key aspects of a healer's mentorship:


  • Skill Development: The mentor provides guidance on the development and refinement of healing skills. This may involve teaching specific techniques, rituals, or methods associated with the particular healing practice.

  • Energetic and Spiritual Guidance: Many healing traditions, such as energy healing or spiritual healing, involve working with subtle energies or spiritual aspects. A mentor can provide insights, share experiences, and guide the mentee in understanding and navigating these realms.

  • Ethical Considerations: Healers often deal with sensitive issues and must adhere to ethical guidelines. A mentor can help the aspiring healer navigate ethical considerations, boundaries, and responsibilities in their practice.

  • Personal Growth: Healing is often intertwined with personal growth and self-awareness. A mentor may support the mentee in their own journey of self-discovery and help them navigate any challenges that arise.

  • Business and Professional Advice: For healers who plan to establish a practice or work professionally, a mentorship may include guidance on building a business, marketing, client communication, and legal considerations.

  • Tradition or Modality-Specific Knowledge: Depending on the specific healing tradition or modality, the mentor may pass on knowledge that is unique to that particular practice. This could include traditional teachings, rituals, or wisdom passed down through generations.

  • Feedback and Evaluation: A mentor provides constructive feedback on the mentee's progress, helping them identify areas for improvement and celebrating their successes.


Healer's mentorship is one-on-one, online or on-site.



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