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Kelly’s Holistic Healing Arts

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Initial Consultation, Exam, and Treatment:1 Hour-long 

Follow up: 45 minutes.

A combination of modalities including, but not limited to Acupuncture/ TCM, depending on your needs.


TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE                        

Oriental Medicine is the most scientifically elaborated form of traditional medicine in terms of research, documentation and practice for centuries, as well as the most preserved into modern times. TCM is an integration of East-West medicine developed in China by augmenting it with traditions from Japan, India, and Tibet, so we have even more body of medicine to draw from.​


Acupuncture is the oldest system of medicine in the world, It treats body, mind  and spirit through the stimulation of points which access anatomical and physiological structures. Modern biophysics has a scientific understanding of this ancient practice, tracing the meridian energetic theory through Einstein’s energy-matter equation and the quantum wave-particle relationship as it unfolds in the human body and the flow of bio-conductivity.


For needle-phobic patients and children, there are other methods to supplement needles with Vibrational Medicine. Acupuncture is energy medicine affecting the Qi (energy or bio-conductivity) in the body. Vibrational Medicine tools include electrical stimulation, Sound waves (Tunning Forks) or Light (LED/ Laser) impulses, placed on the meridian points to deliver a mild stimulation.



​Studies revealed that Acupuncture down-regulates (turns off) pro-inflammatory cells known as M1 macrophages. And up-regulates (activates) anti-inflammatory M2 macrophages, thereby reducing pain and swelling. M2 macrophages are a source of anti-inflammatory interleukin-10 (IL-10), a cytokine involved in immune response, up-regulating M2 macrophages leads to an increase in IL-10, which relieves pain and inflammation. Acupuncture activates pain-suppressing receptors and increased the concentration of the neurotransmitter adenosine in local tissues. Adenosine slows down your brain's activity and induces sleepiness, thus relaxation.

New studies proving the efficacy of acupuncture are published regularly recognizing acupuncture as effective in treating a wide range of common illnesses including, but not limited to:

  • Immunological disorders 

  • Auto-immune disorders

  • Eye, ear, mouth & throat 

  • Respiratory disorders

  • Circulatory & blood disorders

  • Gastrointestinal disorders

  • Gynecological disorders

  • Uro-genital disorders

  • Infertility (male & female)

  • Libido & sexual disorders

  • Dermatological disorders

  • Endocrine disorders

  • Obesity & Weight Management

  • Muscle-Skeletal disorders

  • Nervous System disorders

  • Pain & Neuralgias

  • Plus:



  • Skin becomes more supple and even

  • Reduction of wrinkles, fine and deeper lines

  • Reduction of sagginess

  • Lifting of droopy eyelids

  • Reduction of age spots, acne, and rosacea

  • Overall body rejuvenation

  • You feel better and your health improves! 

         SUBSTANCE ABUSE                              

NADA Protocol: National Acupuncture Detoxification Association

  • Smoke cessation

  • Substance abuse

  • Weight loss


  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Bipolar disorder

  • Panic attacks

  • Hypochondriac

  • PTSD

  • RLS

  • SAD




​TUI NA BODYWORK                                                                                              Tui na means to "push-pull" and is the name given to Chinese medical-massage. Tui na uses a variety of techniques such as passive stretching to correct anatomical musculoskeletal relationships and neuromuscular patterns, to increase circulation and remove biochemical irritants.


MOXIBUSTION/ MOXA                                                                                        

Moxa is the use of the herb "Mugwort" (Artemisia Vulgaris). It's very penetrating and warming in nature and is applied warm to the tissues in order to stimulate the flow of blood and Qi/ Chi, and protect against cold/ dampness. Moxibustion is particularly effective in the treatment of chronic problems, and deficient conditions. 



Cupping is a method of applying negative pressure by creating a vacum to the patient's skin, to create space to relieve tension, blockage, and pain. Is an effective treatment for respiratory diseases, since it replaces sweating and aids in expelling pathogens.  Cupping facilitates the extraction of stagnant blood forming petechiae, (bruising), to be reabsorbed and eliminated. Cupping promotes microcirculation and anti-inflammatory responses accelerating recuperation. it helps trigger cytokine production that modulates your immune system response.


GUASHA/ SCRAPING                                                                                          It involves the cutaneous stimulation where the skin is pressured in strokes by a round-edged instrument, that results in the appearance of small red petechiae (bruising). This removes blood stagnation considered pathogenic, promoting normal circulation and metabolic process. The patient experiences immediate relief from acute illness.





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