A 9 NCCAOM PDA Certificate Course: 6.5 BIO-AOM & 2.5 PE-CW


Depth Psychology for Acupuncturists is a Three-Part Course:

1- Depth Psychology

2- Acupuncture Points for Psychological Disorders

3- Bach Flowers Remedies


In this course, you'll be able to expand your practice to treat conditions of psychological nature from the Chinese Medicine Perspective. You'll be able to recognize the different character traits as to be able to speak with mental health professionals and understand patient's underlying motivations, as well as to know how to deal with them. You will also learn how to protect yourself and your practice by identifying when it is appropriate to refer a patient to a Mental Health provider. You will also learn how to use Herbal Remedies for Psychological imbalances. ​

Foundations of Depth Psychology for Acupuncturists & AOM Professionals. 9 PDA