M. Virginia Kelly, MS LAC

Healer, Counselor, Healthcare Provider, Artist, and Educator.

Ms. Kelly is an Integral practitioner with over a decade experience in full practice. Licensed Acupuncturist and Psychotherapist, Virginia holds a Masters of Science in Acupuncture and Post Master Certifications in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Children & Adolescent Psychotherapy, from the New Jersey Institute of Psychoanalysis, NJ, where she now teaches the Art-Therapy Class. Virginia is also a Continuing Education Provider for the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). 

Ms. Kelly has completed a residency in the Pediatrics Oncology Department of the Presbyterian Hospital, in the Research for Integrated and Holistic Medicine, run by Columbia University, NY, and completed a fellowship at the Lincoln Medical & Mental Health Center in the treatment of Substance Abuse and Addiction. 

Virginia holds over a dozen certifications in varied Healing modalities including, but not limited to: Reflexology; Reiki; Bodywork; Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP); Hypnosis, Regression Therapy; Cranio-Sacral Therapy; Polarity; Aromatherapy; Nutrition; Bach Flowers; pre-partum Doula; etc. She is also trained in Medical Intuition, which is as well grounded in clinical knowledge and experience. Nowadays, Virginia is pursuing Homeopathic training Classical Homeopathy.


Ms. Kelly is in private practice and specializes in Psychosomatic disorders. As the daughter of a Doctor and a Nurse, Virginia was exposed to medical information and formation since childhood, for what she supports the integration of Eastern and Western Medicine in what she calls the Yin-Yang of Health. She grew up in Argentina, for what her practice is also bilingual (Spanish).


Virginia is also a Feng Shui Consultant, Artist, and a former Dancer, having various written pieces published, fine art exhibited and performed Tango Dance and Singing in international venues. It was when she was teaching, that she discovered to be of Therapeutic significance for her clients, for what she implements Art Therapy in her work with minors. Her mission is to combine the Therapeutic effects of Art, with the Art of Healing, in order to restore what was meant to be a Holistic human being.

What people say...

Finally! A counselor who doesn't just ask: "And how does that make you feel?"

or answers your questions with other questions. Thank you for giving me the feedback I needed.

Each session is another opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of myself and others.

Marjorie, NY.

***** Five stars!!!

Thank you for improving my body, thank you for improving my health, thank you for improving my life!


Guillermo, NY.

I had many conditions diagnosed as psychosomatic. I started with therapy because I was afraid of needles.

But to my amazement, it was not only painless but actually relaxing! Now I'm free!!!


Alejandra, NY.

With Virginia's Acupuncture on a regular basis, I prevent opioids and surgery.

Casper, NJ

Using acupuncture, my neuropathy from herniated disks is gone.  

I highly recommend this practice!

Kerri, NJ.

I used to suffer from panic attacks, anxiety, and nightmares. 

After treatment with Virginia, I had no more anxiety attacks and I seldom have bad dreams.

Christine, NY.